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Energy axis

The energy team (formerly EDDEN for Economie du Développement Durable et de l'ENergie) inherited a long tradition of research in energy economics in Grenoble (History), the team ensures a high level of research activity (HAL publications collection), both from the point of view of applied and academic economics. Its main areas of research cover:

i) international energy markets and access to energy resources

ii) economic analysis of climate and energy policies

iii) the organization of network industries (gas and electricity) and new low-carbon technological systems (smart grids).

The team enjoys excellent visibility at national, European and international levels, in particular through the European research programs in which it participates, and through the development of climate and energy demand scenarios with the POLES and IMACLIM models.

In addition, the team has a documentation center on all energy and climate economics issues, with a documentary base that is unique in France, and a monitoring activity (Visit our blog) fortement utilisée par la communauté des économistes de l’énergie.

International governance, energy security, oil market, gas market, low-carbon technology, smart grid, power system, climate policy, energy policy, public policy, energy transition, scenarios

Some publications

Submitted on November 9, 2023

Updated on April 5, 2024