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GAEL has two documentation centres:

The consumer-innovation document center

The consumer-innovation library specializes in two main themes: innovation in the agri-business and sustainable consumption, particularly the analysis of food behavior. Given the history of the GAEL laboratory, two disciplines are also well represented: environmental economics (biodiversity) and agricultural economics.

Since 2021, the entire collection has been housed in a library shared with the CREG research unit and can be searched via the Clareco catalog.

The energy-climate documentation center

The energy-climate documentation center was created by the EDDEN team, now part of GAEL. The service was open by appointment, and it was possible to contact the documentalist for documentary research or to access library resources.

The following services were available online:

Scientific watch on energy and climate issues: was the department's core activity. It was the subject of an online monitoring log: the Veille Energie Climat blog.

The purpose of this monitoring blog was to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in the fields of energy economics and climate change, through a selection of research papers, journal articles, press articles and books, as well as editorials and blog articles, conference announcements, calls for papers, etc.).

The information, gathered daily from numerous sources (rss feeds, mailing lists, subscriptions, websites, etc.), focused in particular on the economics of international markets, access to water and energy resources, energy and climate policies, the economics of new energy technologies and energy systems, energy-climate forecasting, the economics of sustainable urban development...

As of October 2022, the press review is no longer published on this blog.

Documentary collections: the documentation department of the former EDDEN team, specializing in energy and climate economics, houses a library that is unique in France, and has been maintained since the 1950s. The collection comprises some 10,000 documents, 50% of which are in English. Access to the library catalog on Clareco.

Energy and climate document portal: A veritable virtual documentation center, the portal offers a wide range of access points and tools: essential journals on energy and climate economics, bibliographies, statistical resources, electronic resources, directories of links, glossaries, other library catalogs, research tools, tools for writing articles, etc.


GAEL's documentation and library services reflect the laboratory's history, which has been rooted in the evolution of the economics research landscape on the Grenoble site since the early 2000s. The entry of the EDDEN team into GAEL in January 2016 marks a new stage in this process, as can be read elsewhere on the site.

This particular context means that :

Grenoble's economics research libraries supply a catalog historically shared by three laboratories (CREG, EDDEN and GAEL), called Clareco, which can be queried for all their resources on the themes of Grenoble's economics laboratories: environment, energy, water, climate, innovation, food consumption, experimental economics, bio-industry, econometrics, labor, training, money, international.

Submitted on November 15, 2023

Updated on April 4, 2024