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Olivier Bonroy






Research Director INRAE

Email: (olivier[dot]bonroy[at]inrae[dot]fr)
Phone: +33 4 76 74 29 25
Office: 420 (BATEG)


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Bibliographical information

Olivier Bonroy is currently INRAE Senior Research Fellow (eq. Full Professor) at the GAEL research unit of INRAE-Université Grenoble Alpes in France. He is also Research Affiliate at CREATE research centre of Laval University in Canada. He received a PhD in Economics from the University of Pau in 2002. He was a post-doctoral researcher at GREEN and CREA, Laval University (2003-2006), and a visiting researcher at the Department of Economics, University of Essex (July 2010). 

Olivier does research in Industrial Organization and Agricultural Economics. He has published reviewed articles in leading journals as European Economic Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, and Economics Letters.

Olivier and his coautors are the winners of the EAAE Quality of Research Discovery Award for 2019 for the article: Bonroy O., Garapin A., Hamilton S.F., Souza Monteiro D.M.  2019.  Free-riding on product quality in cooperatives: Lessons from an experiment. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101 (1), 89-108.



Industrial Organization: undergraduate, and graduate, University Grenoble Alpes (France)




Publié le 13 janvier 2023

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