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Marie Lassalas, Chargée de recherche INRAE à l'UMR SMART, Institut Agro


Le 11 avril 2024


Jeudi 11 avril nous accueillons en séminaire, Marie Lassalas, Chargée de recherche INRAE à l'UMR SMART, Institut Agro.

Ses recherches portent sur l'économie agricole, l'économie environnementale, l'analyse des politiques, les étiquettes environnementales, les indications géographiques, les politiques agri-environnementales et la contractualisation.


Titre de sa présentation : How can cooperatives promote environmental practices? A choice experiment to identify contracting strategies in the wine sector.

Résumé : The wine sector faces a major challenge in reducing pesticide use. We explore the role of agricultural cooperative in encouraging the adoption of organic standards by their members through contracting. We conducted a discrete choice experiment with all the 70 winegrowers of a wine cooperative. Results show that winegrowers are highly responsive to market-based economic incentives such as a 30% premium and compensation options for yield loss. They have heterogeneous preferences regarding the inclusion of environmental requirements within the farming contracts. Winegrowers who declare that they enjoy testing risky solutions and feel ready to convert to organic farming are more willing to adopt a contract where organic farming is a requirement. We identify three distinct winegrower profiles. The Reluctant to organic group exhibits a positive attitude toward the possibility of adopting a new contract on only 50% of their land. In contrast, the Reluctant to change winegrowers view this option negatively. They also have a negative perception of the possibility of receiving advice from the cooperative on economic and labor organizations in addition to technical advice. Only the Organic lovers winegrowers, who represent 13% of the sample, hold a positive view on environmental requirements. While cooperatives' farming contracts can be a potential instrument to increase uptake of organic farming, additional tools and policies are needed, at least in the short-term, to scale up the uptake of organic farming.


Le 11 avril 2024


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