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Consumption and product offering axis

The aim of this line of research is to observe, understand and model decision-making and behavior using experimental economics methods. These laboratory observations lead us to move away from standard microeconomic models based on rationality.

In particular, we analyze decisions in situations of ambiguity, in the face of risk, on long-term issues, in a context of social norms (environment, health, etc.). The main areas of application are consumer behavior: food, energy and innovative products. The aim is to study the dynamics of consumer behavior in order to i) design public policies (nutritional, environmental, transport) likely to influence behavior towards more sustainable consumption; ii) anticipate the strategic responses of companies to changes in behavior, in terms of product offerings and the forms of their marketing.

Methodology: Field experiments and micro-economic modeling

Main fields of application: Sustainable food; household energy demand; choice of means of transport; product design and the link between supply and demand.

Keywords: Behavior, decision, consumption, energy, food, public policy, supply strategy


Submitted on November 9, 2023

Updated on April 5, 2024