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Geir B. Asheim, Professeur d'Économie, Université d'Oslo


On May 30, 2024

Le 30 mai 2024, nous accueillons Geir B. Asheim, Professeur au Département d'Économie à l'Université d'Oslo.

Économie de l'environnement, Politiques climatiques, Comptabilité carbone et les critères d'utilité. 

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Titre de sa présentation : Complementary climate policies for supply and demand.

Résumé : We show that climate policies combining both supply-side and demand-side instruments have a greater prospect of being self-enforcing than policies that limit emissions solely by restricting the demand for fossil fuels. Using only demand-side instruments (like emission taxes or tradable emission permits) lowers the market price of fossil fuels, implying that a defecting country reaps large gains from trade by deviating from an agreement. By instead using a combination of extraction and emission taxes, leading to a higher market price, the defecting country’s gains from trade can be reduced. We also demonstrate that, when the first-best agreement is not self-enforcing, then both the depth and the value of the second-best treaty are increased by combining extraction and emission taxes.

Le séminaire a lieu à 13h30 en salle 227.


On May 30, 2024
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Salle 227

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