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Working Papers


2024-05 Harnessing social information to improve public support for Pigouvian taxes
by Dupoux M. & Ouvrard B.

2024-04 Growth models with externalities on networks
by Fabbri G. & Faggian S. & Freni G.

2024-03 On competition for spatially distributed ressources in networks
by Fabbri G. & Faggian S. & Freni G.

2024-02 Renewable energy support: pre-announced policies and (in)-efficiency
by Neerunjun N. & Stahn H.

2024-01 Label or taxes: why not both? Testing nutritional mixed policies in the lab
by Crosetto, P. & Muller, L. & Ruffieux, B.

2022-05 Conditioning public pensions on health: effects on capital accumulation and welfare
by Fabbri, G. & Leroux, M. & Melindi-Ghidi, P. & Sas, W.

2022-04 Egoism and altruism in Intergroup conflict
by Varaine, S. & Magni-Berton, R. & Benslimane, I. & Crosetto, P.

2022-03 Mobility decisions, economic dynamics and epidemic
by Fabbri, G. & Federico, S. & Fiaschi, D. & Gozzi, F.

2022-02 Spreading active transportation: peer effects and key players in the workplace
by Lambotte, M. & Mathy, S. & Risch, A. & Treibich, C.

2022-01 Comparing input interfaces to elicit belief distributions
by Crosetto, P. & De Haan, T.

2021-04 A dynamic theory of spatial externalities
by Boucekkine, R. & Fabbri, G. & Federico, S. & Gozzi, F.

2021-03 Strategic information transmission with sender's approval: the single-crossing case
by Sémirat, S. & Forges, F.

2021-02 Gain and loss framing to encourage effort provision: An experiment
by Buckley, P. & Roussillon, B. & Teyssier, S.

2021-01 Demand Response in the workplace: a filed experiment
by Llerena, D. & Roussillon, B. & Teyssier, S. & Buckley, P. & Delinchant, B. & Ferrari, J. & Larenjeira, T. & Wurtz, F

2020-13 Strategic use of environmental innovation in vertical chains and regulatory attitudes
by Mabrouk, R. & Kurtyka, O.

2020-12 Exploration of model performances in the presence of heterogeneous preferences and random effects utilities awareness
by Gusarov, N. & Talebijmalabad, A. & Joly, I.

2020-11 Prevention and mitigation of epidemics:Biodiversity conservation and confinement policies
by Augeraud-Véron, E. & Fabbri, G. & Schubert, K.

2020-10 Financial market equilibrium with bounded awareness
by Guerdjikova, A. & Quiggin, J.

2020-09 What are you calling intuitive? Subject heterogeneity as a driver of response times in an impunity game
by Crosetto, P. & Güth, W.

2020-08 From firm to global-level pollution control: The case of transboundary pollution
by Boucekkine, R. & Fabbri, G. & Federico, S. & Gozzi, F.

2020-07 Public-private R&D partnerships: A solution to increase knowledge sharing in R&D cooperation
by Hervouet, A. & Trommetter, M.

2020-06 Intellectual property reform in the laboratory
by Benslimane, I. & Crosetto, P. & Magni-Berton, R. & Varaine, S.

2020-05 Using environmental knowledge brokers to promote deep green agri-environment measures
by Melindi-Ghidi, P. & Dedeurwaerdere, T. & Fabbri, G.

2020-04 Une lecture institutionnaliste de la réforme du secteur gazier russe
by Locatelli, C.

2020-03 Evaluating the impact of public policies on large firms: a synthetic control approach to science-industry transfer policies
by Autant-Bernard, C. & Fotso, R. & Massard, N.

2020-02 Control theory in infinite dimension for the optimal location of economic activity: The role of social welfare function.
by Boucekkine, R., Fabbri, G., Federico, S., Gozzi, F.

2020-01 Shopper’s behavioural responses to ‘front-of-pack’ nutrition logo formats: GDA Diet-Logo vs. 6 alternative Choice-Logos
by Muller, L. & Ruffieux, B.

An economic assessment of the residential PV self-consumption support under different network tariffs. Chaire Economie du Climat, Paris Dauphine
by Rebenaque, O.

When Influencers Compete on Social Networks. SSRN Working Papers, February 2020. ⟨hal-03162318
by Christophe Bravard, Jacques Durieu, Sudipta Sarangi, Corinne Touati.

Submitted on February 12, 2024

Updated on June 20, 2024